WebTrends replacement

Daniel B. Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
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>At 12:41 PM -0800 12/17/05, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>>The last time I ran awstats on a windows iis server (per 4 
>months ago),
>>it would take forever to process the log files (because logs 
>are maintained
>>over MANY files) and it got to a point where the waiting html 
>page would
>>timeout or the processing script seems to want to run to 
>infinity.  Awstats
>>finally got to a point where it was no longer usesful.
>>I hope the design of awstats log processing has recently 
>changed before I
>>will consider it worth my time.
>Awstats keeps a cache of the logs it has processed, and only 
>processes new
>logs / new log data when it is run again.  If it isn't doing 
>that for you,
>then it must be having trouble saving or using it's cache.
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Well, as I recall from memory, the way IIS manages log files is that
it keeps different log files for different cases (really bizarre) and
also I have at least two years of log files. I do reacall that I had to
basically configure the windows IIS side myself as the awstats did not
process all the different log file cases at the time. I changed the
script to incorporate all of the relevant log files. This may be part of
the problem and I don't recall if caching was supported at the time.

I am using the old/first? server IIS (v5.0) so maybe awstats works only
for the newer/latest IIS version. I can check once again to see what the
problem I had was. In any case - trying to get ALL the log files initially
was a HUGE processing chore - and it worked at first but as time went on,
it got worst and worst and finally stopped working altogether.


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