BIND and rndc

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sun Dec 18 08:38:33 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 13:24 -0300, |Lord_Zoo| wrote:
> So, then, I should not use rndc with bind?

You can.  You can use it as you want to.  I've used it to stop the
server, you should also be able to get it to refresh/reload slaves zones
from the master, but I've had marginal success with that (yes, I have
got the keys set right, if anybody's about to make that suggestion).

> If so, then this could be more easier, since I then I could assign an
> ACL of the server to wich send transfers or get from.

Ideally, you want your systms to take care of themselves.  Properly
setting up master and slave servers will do that.

> The question is because, by default, bind come with rndc in fedora,
> and I don't wanted to create a new problem by disabling it.

It's just a tool, there's no obligation to use it.  You don't really
have to disable it either, as you can set named to only pay attention to
rndc on the local box (i.e. not be exploitable, remotely).

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