GNOME updates vs. KDE updates

D. D. Brierton darren at
Sun Dec 18 17:38:32 UTC 2005

I see that KDE 3.5.0 for FC4 was released on updates-released. That's
very nice for the KDE users, but I was slightly surprised by it. The
reason I am surprised by it is that no such updates are ever released
for GNOME, which is the default desktop on FC.

Now I can understand that making FC4 packages of GNOME 2.12.0 is just
too big a job (it would require upgrading a lot of system level packages
such as HAL, etc.), although similar considerations would, I'd have
thought, apply to upgrading from KDE 3.4 to 3.5.

But we don't even get the bug-fix/maintenance releases either. I have a
fully updated FC4 box and it has GNOME 2.10.0. A quick look here:

shows that 2.10.1 was released in April 2005 and 2.10.2 was released in
July 2005.

So I really would like to know, how come Red Hat developers have time to
ship a major update to KDE but not even maintenance releases for GNOME?

Best, Darren

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