xmms "can't create mcop directory"

Peter Gordon admin at ramshacklestudios.com
Sun Dec 18 20:45:51 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 19:47 +0000, Stanton Finley wrote:
> After a recent yum update (i386) and installation of xmms via yum xmms
> won't start. When I try to start it in a terminal I get:
> 	Creating link /home/stan/.kde/socket-localhost.localdomain.
> 	can't create mcop directory
> This happens both as root and as my regular user. Any ideas?

Did you recently update arts to 1.5.0? I had similar issues with gltron,
bzflag, and a few other SDL apps from Extras that didn't like it.

As root, run `rpm -e --nodeps arts` to remove arts. 

It's a very dirty kludge though, as Livna's xine and mplayer builds
depend on arts, so they will not function when arts is removed (can't
load some arts libraries). 

Let it be known that I really...*really* despise arts....

Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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