Wireless Media Server

Scot L. Harris webid at cfl.rr.com
Sun Dec 18 22:59:16 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 14:10, Mlists wrote:
> I'm thinking about buying a wireless media server this Christmas and was
> wondering what luck people had had with the various solutions out there
> working in a linux only environment.

While I have not utilized wireless for this I have been using mythtv for
some time now.  It has changed the way I watch TV completely.  If I was
to set this up again I would utilize a diskless netbootable front end
system and have a single backend system that would have the encoder
cards and drive space.

>From past discussions on the mythtv mailing list you should be able to
use wireless (802.11g) for the connection between the frontend and the
backend systems.  

I highly recommend mythtv if you are looking for DVR type functionality.

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