nfs mounting

Craig White craigwhite at
Mon Dec 19 01:54:52 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 07:15 +0530, G Rajesh wrote:
> BTW, if there is any developer in this list, or if (hopefully) some
> developer reads this mailing lists, I have a request to make. I am a
> convert from Suse Linux (I tried Ubuntu too). But the support FC gives
> to our India (Indic languages) or the following it has in our country
> seems unparelled and I have considered switching to (trying?) it.
> With similar settings, I was able to work by this time in the above
> too.
> Just for the purpose of nfs,ubuntu is the easiest and suse comes next.
> But FC, still not working. Sorry, if some one feels wounded or
> aggrieved
> by my comparision.
there is a developer list for fedora but probably the best place to make
comments heard is bugzilla...

If you make an entry in bugzilla, then you know that the package
maintainer will have to consider your comments.

Posting here might make you feel better but given the high level of
traffic, it's not reasonable to assume that anything will be done about
your comments.


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