REALLY slow xstart and kde start

Jon D. Slater Jon.Slater at LPBroadband.Net
Mon Dec 19 03:29:55 UTC 2005

Claude Jones wrote:

>On Sun December 18 2005 8:18 pm, Jon D. Slater wrote:
>>Any ideas what's up?
>I doubt this is it, but I'll offer it because I just spent two days fighting 
>the exact same problem on a fresh install of a different distro. The problem 
>- it turned out that NDISwrapper was my culprit. I don't have all the issues 
>fleshed out, yet, but, I throw this out since our similar events are so 
>coincidental. In my case, I had NDISwrapper on my laptop to get my broadcom 
>wireless to be able to use its Windows driver - when I configured it, I had 
>it set to start on boot, and that's what threw it. It spent a huge amount of 
>time trying to start wlan0 and was unable to (for reasons I'm still trying to 
>understand), and that hogged all my system's resources - boot time slowed to 
>about 15 minutes
My boot time if fine.  And X starts fine too (I get my login screen 
within a couple of minutes of booting).

The problem starts as soon as I enter my login and password, then press 

My disk access light comes on solid, and it takes 15 minutes to complete 
start my session.
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