xmms "can't create mcop directory"

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Dec 19 13:29:18 UTC 2005

Stanton Finley:
>> After a recent yum update (i386) and installation of xmms via yum xmms
>> won't start. When I try to start it in a terminal I get:
>> 	Creating link /home/stan/.kde/socket-localhost.localdomain.
>> 	can't create mcop directory

Peter Gordon:
> Did you recently update arts to 1.5.0? I had similar issues with gltron,
> bzflag, and a few other SDL apps from Extras that didn't like it.

I see something similar with Gaim.  Today, it keeps on crashing after
the program's been running for a few minutes.  

I don't have KDE installed, at all, on my system, though there is an
empty .kde directory that's owned by me for it to try and write
something in.  I'm now trying running Gaim with it set to just use
console beeps for sound, I'll see if it still bombs out.

I've got arts-1.5.0-0.1.fc4 on my system, which was updated last night
(according to the RPM info).

> As root, run `rpm -e --nodeps arts` to remove arts. 
> It's a very dirty kludge though, as Livna's xine and mplayer builds
> depend on arts, so they will not function when arts is removed (can't
> load some arts libraries). 

You are, kind of, stuck between a rock and a hard place when your
applications want something that you don't want (either because it's got
a problem, currently, or otherwise).

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