Program to convert a AVI file to VOB format

Paul Smith phhs80 at
Mon Dec 19 20:40:04 UTC 2005

On 12/19/05, Paul Smith <phhs80 at> wrote:
> Thanks, Peter and Bob. Tovid seems to be good and simple. Another set
> of scripts quite good and simple for the same job is videotrans:
> «videotrans is a set of scripts that allow its user to reformat
> existing movies into the VOB format that is used on DVDs.
> Furthermore, videotrans supplies programs which allow its user to
> create a complete DVD, including selection menus which allow the
> viewer to choose which movie he/she wants to see, if more than one
> movie fits onto a DVD.»

By the way, a new version of videotrans has just been released.


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