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James Wilkinson fedora at
Tue Dec 20 00:42:34 UTC 2005

Franck Y wrote:
> I m currently with a server which is a pentium III 500 Mhz.
> I m currently experiencing some problem with it.
> I ll upgrade this machine with a sempron 2800+ so the 64 bits architecture.
> I will have to option.
> Just change as it and keep the 32 bits architecture. Will i have some problem ?
> Or install the 64 bits architecture.

Are you experiencing hardware problems or software problems? Have the
hardware problems lead to software problems?

As if you think your install is basically good, you should be able to
take your existing hard disk with the 32 bit installation, and plug it
into the new server. Fedora should detect the new hardware and configure
it automatically (although you still may have to do a bit of "tweaking"
to get everything just the way you want it).

If you aren't convinced about the health of your existing install, you
may want to reinstall Fedora from scratch on the new hardware. As you
say, you could install the 64 bit variant. I've been running this for
some time now, and I'm very pleased with it.

The x86_64 mode is supposed to be slightly faster than plain x86 (around
10% improvement) for *most* programs, due to the extra registers. You
probably won't notice that, especially coming from a much slower

However, if you're planning to use much closed-source software (e.g.
Sun's java, Flash plugins, proprietary multimedia codecs), you may find
that life is a lot simpler on 32 bit.

Hope this helps,


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