ReiserFS & EXT2/3 issues

Bill ngc4013 at
Tue Dec 20 01:27:00 UTC 2005

Mike is correct about entering linux reiserfs at the prompt when doing 
an installation in Fedora. Just be aware that in FC4 I have had many 
issues when making the /boot partition reiserfs. Seems that it confuses 
anaconda and usually results in an abort of the installation.


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>> Subject: ReiserFS & EXT2/3 issues
>> Has anyone had experience using reiser as root filesystem? 
>> Fedora does not offer to format the partition as reiser on 
>> install, however it accepts it and contain all related 
>> modules and reiserfs-utils.
>> Since my ext3 crashed after a sudden power failure, having 
>> all its content moved to /lost+found with #xxxxxxx names (by 
>> fsck), I tried reiser and was satisfied with it. The speed 
>> seems to be a bit lower, however, having simulated 50 power 
>> failures in different circumstances, it has not failed. 
>> Furthermore, it has not corrupted any files, attributes or 
>> whatever. Each time the mount replayed last transactions and 
>> I did not even have to run long fsck test. After all I run 
>> long fsck and everything was wonderful.
>> Kernel notes have hopeful information relating reiser:
>> ----
>> Reiserfs support (REISERFS_FS)
>> Stores not just filenames but the files themselves in a 
>> balanced tree. Uses journaling.
>> Balanced trees are more efficient than traditional file 
>> system architectural foundations.
>> In general, ReiserFS is as fast as ext2, but is very 
>> efficient with large directories and small files. Additional 
>> patches are needed for NFS and quotas, please see 
>> <> for links.
>> It is more easily extended to have features currently found 
>> in database and keyword search systems than block allocation 
>> based file systems are. The next version will be so extended, 
>> and will support plugins consistent with our motto ``It takes 
>> more than a license to make source code open.''
>> Read <> to learn more about reiserfs.
>> Sponsored by Threshold Networks,, and
>> If you like it, you can pay us to add new features to it that 
>> you need, buy a support contract, or pay us to port it to another OS.

> I use reiserfs and love it.  I wish RedHat would be more open to using
> it, not even including it in the install seems a bit much to me.  Though
> I think you can install with reiserfs if you do a linux reiserfs while
> booting from the CD, I haven't tested it.  

>	-Mike

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