3com 590c (AUI) on Fedora4 - kernel 2.6.11

Edward Dekkers edward at tripled.iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 20 02:22:35 UTC 2005

Gustavo Gouvea wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am currently upgrading a Linux router on my net and I found some problems with the network
> card:
> On this new router I am using a 3com590c which works fine when I use the RJ-45 (10/100)
> conection. This card has an RJ-45, a BNC and an AUI conector. But I have to use the AUI
> conection.
> The fact is that it doens't work with the AUI conection, only with a RJ-45/Twisted pair.
> I have tried to load the module (3c59x) with "options=1", to force AUI conection, but I dont
> know if the option is correct (1).
> The cables are all ok, because the old router is up and running just fine, using a 3com
> Etherlink II. I cannot use this card because its an ISA card, and I dont have ISA slots on the
> new machine.
> Is that possible for this card (3c590c) to be damaged only on the AUI conector? 
> (I do the test pinging a machine on the same network, which is my gateway)
> Is it possible that this gateway is doing a MAC address filtering and I will have to ask the
> backbone admin to alow my new NIC?
> I have very little experience with this AUI conections, so any tips would be very helpfull.
> Thanks a lot.
> Gustavo Gouvea

I haven't had much experience with AUI connections since 1995 - when we 
used to use them exclusively.

Back in those days we used to have to run a 3COM utility (check their 
web-site), to set the flash ROM to AUI mode.

It may not have changed?

Have you even checked the 3Com site for support?

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