KMail, kdepim-3.5.0-0.2.fc4

Daniel Kirsten Daniel.Kirsten at
Tue Dec 20 14:37:12 UTC 2005


I have some trouble with KMail after I upgraded 
to kdepim-3.5.0-0.2.fc4

I have two identities and two accounts to send email
(privat and office). 

On Monday,  I did run up2date and upgraded various 
kde-packages.    Later,  I changed in KMail the 
default identity from  private  to  office, and 
I changed the default sending method from private 
to office.    However,  KMail does not really change 
the sending method to office. 

When I try to send an email,  KMail uses the identity 
office but the sending method privat.  
The provider (GMX) refuses to send this  email, because 
my office email adress does not belong to my GMX account. 

There is a circumstantial solution: 
Whenever I compose an email, I open 
"Settings" --> "Configure KMail"  (from the Compose 
Window!!!) and then I click just OK  (without  
changing anything). Then, it works (the mail is send 
by the sending method office. 

Best regards,  Daniel

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