Pentium 4 : is smp kernel mandatory ?

Patrick Barnes nman64 at
Tue Dec 20 17:54:48 UTC 2005

Bruno Costacurta wrote:
> Hi,
> I have Pentium 4 and installed both version of kernels (standard and smp) 
> under Fedora-4, but do I need the smp version ?
> Reason: I use vmware and notice that the re-compile of needed modules don't 
> work under smp version (path errors or missing include files) but works fine 
> with the standard kernel version. 
> So I would like to use (and update via yum) only the standard kernel version 
> to simplify use of vmware under new kernels.
> Bye,
> Bruno
You are free to uninstall the SMP kernel packages.  Unless you have
multiple processors, you'll actually get better performance using the
'normal' kernel.  If your processor has 'hyperthreading' or a similar
feature, you might want to consider disabling it.  Hyperthreading will
look like multiple processors to the kernel, and the SMP kernel will try
to take advantage of it, but this will actually usually result in a
small performance hit, depending upon how you use your system.  Without
the SMP kernel, you will get no benefit at all from the hyperthreading

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