Downgrading priority of programs

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at
Tue Dec 20 18:40:22 UTC 2005

Paul Smith wrote:
> Dear All
> When I use Azureus, my computer gets slower. Then, I thought that
> maybe it is possible to downgrade the priority of Azureus. Is that
> possible with Linux? And if so, how can it be done, in case it is a
> simple procedure?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

I suggest you learn to use the tools...

$ apropos priority
getpriority          (2)  - get/set program scheduling priority
glPrioritizeTextures (3x)  - set texture residence priority
nice                 (1)  - run a program with modified scheduling priority
nice                 (2)  - change process priority
renice               (8)  - alter priority of running processes
sched_get_priority_max (2)  - get static priority range
sched_get_priority_min [sched_get_priority_max] (2)  - get static 
priority range
setlogmask           (3)  - set log priority mask
setpriority [getpriority] (2)  - get/set program scheduling priority

$ man renice


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