Tomcat - usual installation directory?

Kenneth Porter shiva at
Wed Dec 21 01:00:32 UTC 2005

--On Tuesday, December 20, 2005 10:58 AM -0600 Bob Hartung 
<rwhart at> wrote:

>    I am trying to set up Tomcat.  My first question is, however, more
> generic.  Should I put in in root /  , in
> /usr/lib/tomcat-xxxxx or elsewhere.  I am not looking for everyone's best
> personal taste, but what is the standard directory for a piece of
> software.

This very discussion is going on right now on the fedora-java list.

I recommend installing from the JPackage RPM. (If you're a "build from 
source" person, use the source RPM.) That will keep the files under RPM 

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