wireless security (again)

Wong Chin Whei NCS chinwhei at ncs.com.sg
Wed Dec 21 07:32:03 UTC 2005


Had this problem before.

you having one of those super router/switch with 105MBPS ?

if so, turn it back to 54MBPS and try again.


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Ad-hoc mode is a computer-to-computer mode. That's when you want to talk 
to just another computer.

What you want is managed or infrastructure mode, where you talk to an 
access point.

Make sure the keys are the same.


Greg Stoehr wrote:

> I read previous threads about wireless security, but am still having a 
> problem.  I can disable security on my wireless router (Netgear 
> WGT624) and communicate just fine.  As soon as I try to use WEP with 
> 64 or 128 bit, my card can't obtain an IP address.  I think it is in 
> the KEY, but am unsure.  The Network GUI says to put a "0x" in front 
> of the HEX, and I do, and it doesn't work.  Even tried without it... 
> I've manually edited the key-eth1 file with the same info, no joy.  
> I've deleted the entry and created it from scratch (it does have the 
> proper wireless icon) and still have the same problem.  My wireless 
> settings are Ad-Hoc, an named SSID (case sensitive with the router), 
> Channel 7, Transmit rate = Auto, then the key as identified in the 
> router.  I've even tried selecting another key, refreshing the router, 
> putting that KEY in the GUI, and restarting the laptop (IBM T23) with 
> no luck.  The card I am using is a Xircom (again, works without 
> encryption from the router just fine).
> I'm dying here... any ideas?
> Greg

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