Is Redhat/Fedora Losing Interest in KDE?

John Summerfied debian at
Wed Dec 21 00:01:23 UTC 2005

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> Rex Dieter wrote:
>>> Mike McCarty wrote:
>>>> I do find that the KDE menu
>>>> is less well thought out than GNOME, making it harder to find things
>>>> when I need them.
>>> FYI, in theory the menus should be approximately the same, but redhat 
>>> chose to make kde's different (I think it's related to a past bug, 
>>> but I don't believe it's relavent anymore).
>> But the machine I use KDE on is a Debian machine.
> So, you're comparing *debian's* KDE menu, to *redHat*'s gnome menu, and 
> saying the former is less well thought out.  OK, got it.

OTOH I (and others) took a look at RHL8, complained bitterly and stayed 
on RHL 7.3.

If KDE and Gnome look alike, and they did, then it's harder to choose 
between them.

If KDE looks so very different from KDE in other environments (and it 
did), it's harder to move _to_ Red Hat-based products. I'm using KDE on 
RH now: the first thing I do is customise it to somewhat standard KDE.



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