Problem with mutt

Neil Cherry ncherry at
Wed Dec 21 15:26:50 UTC 2005

If I do the following as a user:

     echo "Testing" | mutt -s "Test" root

and I end up with this error:

Error sending message, child exited 78 ().
Segmentation fault

If I try to manually send in mutt I end up with this message:

WARNING: RunAsUser for MSP ignored, check group ids (egid=500, want=51)
Program mode requires special privileges, e.g., root or TrustedUser.

I'm pretty sure I can fix this by adding user to group 51 but what
is the correct way to fix this and why am I getting this? I'm trying
to understand this so when I run into similar problems with different

BTW, I've search for an answer and I found that I should setup
trusted-users (sendmail problem). I've done that but it still
fails and yes I restarted the service. Root has not problem

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