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Rick Stevens rstevens at
Wed Dec 21 21:15:29 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 12:54 -0800, Brian D. McGrew wrote:
> Guys, I've rebuilt this kernel so many times that I should have the
> sources memorized by now and it's just not working.  I'm to the point of
> frusteration that I'm ready to dig out the old Abacus!
> Trying to rebuild a kernel on a Dell PE1800 with a fresh
> install of FC4.  Using the config files from /boot with no modifications
> other than what make xconfig adds in for me.  Make install and
> modules_install and reboot (in single user mode for what it's worth).

It should be "make bzImage;make modules;make modules_install;make

Did you create a new initrd image?  You need to if you're using SCSI
and/or ext3 filesystems.

	# cd /boot
	# mkinitrd -f -v (kernelversion).img (kernelversion)

replacing "(kernelversion)" with your actual kernel version.

> On boot up I get:
> Red Hat nash version 4.2.15 starting
> Mounted /proc filesystem
> Mounting sysfs
> Creating /dev
> Starting udev
> Creating root device
> Mounting root filesystem
> Mount: error 19 mounting ext3
> Switching to new root
> ERROR opening /dev/console!!!!: 2
> Error dup2'ing fd of 0 to 0
> Error dup2'ing fd of 0 to 1
> Error dup2'ing fd of 0 to 2
> Unmounting old /proc
> Unmounting old /sys
> Switchroot: mount failed: 22

The above line is a pretty indication your initrd isn't there.

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