Yum dependencies [still]

M. Lewis cajun at cajuninc.com
Thu Dec 22 07:33:44 UTC 2005

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 02:12 -0500, M. Lewis wrote:
>>Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>>On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 12:06 +1100, Steffen Kluge wrote:
>>>>On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 22:44 -0500, M. Lewis wrote:
>>>>>Error: Missing Dependency: nvidia-glx = 0:1.0.7676 is needed by package 
>>>>The root cause of this issue is that kernel and kernel module packages
>>>>can exist in multiple versions on the same system, since they live in
>>>>versioned directories and have no conflicting files. Other packages
>>>>(like nvidia-glx) cannot have multiple versions installed at the same
>>>>time. If you want to use the latest kernel with NVidia's proprietary
>>>>driver you have to wave your old NVidia kernel modules good-bye. That
>>>>means no proprietary NVidia driver support when you boot older kernels.
>>>>Nobody's fault, really. 
>>>I disagree - It's basically livna's fault. They ought to rebuild
>>>kernel-module-nvidia for all kernels currently being used.
>>>Otherwise, users will not be able to update.
>>>>The only way out would be convincing someone to
>>>>build the NVidia modules against x number of older kernels, as well.
>>I really don't care whose fault it might be.
> It actually is quite simple: Current livna's packaging/update strategy
> puts the rpm dependencies into an inconsistent state, i.e. this is a
> packaging bug.
>> If you're going to provide 
>>an update, then the update should be complete, with any dependencies 
> Yes. Fact is, livna's strategies breaks this rule.
>>I'm not glued to a given kernel. I could really care less what kernel I 
>>run as long as it is stable.
>>My issue is I have probably over 100 updates to other packages that will 
>>no update due to these one or two stupid dependencies. It would seem 
>>that the packagers of yum, uptodate, or whatever, would allow the other 
>>packages whose dependencies *are* resolved to be updated.
> Agreed, but again, the dependencies can not be resolved, because livna's
> packaging strategy is broken. So all installers (yum etc.) can do is to
> try to find a reasonable compromise that doesn't destroy your system,
> i.e. not to update it. 
> Ralf

But what I'm saying is all the other 100 or more packages *could* be 
updated. The ones that do *not* have dependencies. Upgrade them and wait 
until the others dependencies are resolved.



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