Searching whole of Fedora mail archive. How?

Patrick Barnes nman64 at
Thu Dec 22 10:54:11 UTC 2005

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Clive at Rational wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   Maybe the answer to this is really simple.
>>   All I want to be able to do is enter a search for
>> keywords so the whole of the Fedora mail archive is
>> searched. This is a pretty standard facility on any
>> bulletin board I use.
>>   I currently access the mail archive through the
>> url:
> Check the other methods here
> There has been a
> ongoing effort in revamping the search engine for Red Hat. Not sure
> when it hits the mailing list archives though.
You can also try Google, using a query like this:

search terms AND fedora-list

You can change or leave out fedora-list to search archives for other
mailing lists.

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