Reassociating launching apps from Fedora Linux / Gnome. FC4

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Thu Dec 22 11:34:55 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 09:10 +0000, Clive at Rational wrote:
> Does anyone have a link to where the process of
> associating a new application with a file type in
> Fedora is described? For example, when I click on a
> .jpg file on the Fedora desktop, by default "Eye of
> Gnome Image Viewer" is launched. I want to chnage that
> to launch "gThumb Image viewer"

Not easily from the desktop, but easily enough from the Nautilus file
browser.  Just right-click on the file, and play with its properties.
It'll affect the default opening application for that file, and others
of the same type.

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