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Thu Dec 22 18:37:22 UTC 2005

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>Subject: Re: mail server
>Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 19:28:53 +0100
>Am Do, den 22.12.2005 schrieb azeem ahmad um 19:11:
> > now i tell u by myself. i configured sendmail with dovecot IMAP, 
> > domain in DNS is set to, i created a Unix user "must" on my 
> > server box, i put into my local-host-names file. now the user 
> > can login to my email server through must at using MS outlook to 
>Ah! You very certainly don't authenticate as must at, but as
>"must". Check your SASL setup. By default your would use saslauthd,
>which uses as MECH shadow or pam and strips the domain part
>(@domain.tld) when not started with parameter "-r". Well, your system
>user ist "must" and not "must at".

will this change even disturb my unix users to login with must at or 
will simply change mail users?

> > and recieve mails to other users. then i tried to login using name
> > must at and got loged in, while my dns or local-host-names doesnt
> > contain any entry for, this login with must at can send 
> > recieve mails to/for must at
>See above.
> > another thing is that if i try to send mail to must at while being
> > loged in with must at, it doesnt send one.
>Why do you try to send mails to someone in the net, to a domain you
>don't control, just for testing purposes? If you try to send out test
>messages to an external domain then first ask the recipient that it is
>ok for him to await a test mail.
>$ host -t mx
> mail is handled by 100
>$ nslookup
>Non-authoritative answer:
>Well, that explains the last part.

well :) i m not over internet yet. this server is working on private ranges

> > Azeem

may i add such email id's that r not unix users of my machine


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