Is Redhat/Fedora Losing Interest in KDE?

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at
Thu Dec 22 19:28:26 UTC 2005

John Summerfied wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:


>> I don't even understand why anyone would have strong feelings about
>> it. Just give me a way to have more than one command-line interface,
>> and run my web browser and e-mail at the same time. I don't need
>> a GUI to administer my machine, and find that it generally gets
>> in the way, whether it be GNOME or KDE.
> If your needs aren't very demanding, I can understand that. However, if 
> you'd just spent $20,000 on a flash colour laser printer that collates, 
> cuts and binds, you'd be pretty distressed to discover you can't 
> configure those capabilities in your Gnome print dialogue. However, KDE 
> exposes the capabilities described in the PPD so you'd be able to 
> control those features.

I still don't see any rationale for having "strong feelings" about it.

> In Gnome, I can't even set the printer resolution.

So, one uses what one prefers. I still don't see any reason to
have strong feelings over what interface one prefers. Use
what you like, and let it go at that.

But what I saw Linus Torvalds post looked like a troll at best,
and might be considered a flame, posted to the GNOME user list,
telling them they all ought to be using KDE instead.

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