Help uninstalling extra languages from Open Office

yonas abraham yonas at
Thu Dec 22 19:30:51 UTC 2005

Mike McCarty wrote:

> I have Open Office installed on my machine FC2. At the time I did
> the install, either I missed the ability to specify what to install
> or it wasn't presented. In either case, I wound up with a nearly
> 1GB directory tree. I would like to shrink this if possible.
> In particular, I don't speak or use most of the languages in the
> language pack. I might find Spanish and German useful, but not
> any of the rest. I've used man, info, and Google, but haven't had
> any success at finding out how to *remove* the language pack,
> or portions thereof. Reading the OO FAQ hasn't helped, either.
> Would anyone direct me where to do a more successful search for this
> information, please?
> Mike


yum remove openoffice-i18n

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