FC4 CF-based Router

Steven Ringwald asric at asric.com
Fri Dec 23 05:42:01 UTC 2005

Tom Diehl wrote:

>>>Ok. So you are saying, basically, to use a ext2 filesystem natively to 
>>>boot off of and then just treat it like grub/Fedora normally treat 
>>>partitions? Or are you saying boot the flash, and then hop over to the 
>>>hard-drive? Problem with the latter; system has no hard-drive, and 
>>>adding one would increase its weight/cost/number of moving parts... 
>>>Design criteria is *very* strict on these points, and the 
>>>specification of "no hard-drive". :-)
>>>If the former, the problem with that is we wanted to make it easy to 
>>>upgrade the flash image, rather than having to include bios upgrade 
>>>utility. Almost any system on the market right now can read/write vfat 
>>I mean boot and run from the CF.  It looks like a hard drive to Linux 
>>anyway.  I take it that you got a USB stick loaded with Linux to boot 
>>and run.  Is that image too large for the CF?
>FWIW, We have FC4 running on CF here. It is on an ext3 partition. As far as the
>OS is concerned it is just another disk. The only thing we do is mount
>it noatime. They have been running for approx 6 months 24/7. I have kickstart
>files that load the OS in about 15 minutes and then we use firewall builder
>to setup rules.
Not *really* like what I am looking for. My rootfs is iso9660 (for a 
variety of reasons). I originally wanted to have it as an iso file, and 
mount it through loop, but that didn't seem to work very well. I ended 
up just dd'ing it into its own partition, and FC seems much happier.

>I missed the beginning of this thread so if this is not what your asking then
>feel free to ignore this.
I would be interested in seeing the kickstart file, if you could share.


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