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On 12/22/05, Nathan Low <nlow04 at> wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern:
> I'm thinking about switching to Fedorea Core 4.

Welcome in

If I buy Windows Crossover Office Standard 5.0,

You might want to hold off on that for awhile.

should Norton Goback 5.0 and Norton Utilities 2.002 be compatible with
> Fedora Core 4?

No. But that's  ok, you won't be needing those things.

  If I saved photos under Windows XP, can I copy and paste it from my cd to
> this operating system?

Yes you sure can. If you have a Fat32 partion on your computer, Fedora will
be able to read them directly.

  If I can't copy and paste photos from my cd that I saved under Windows XP
> and transfer it to this operating system, does this Fedora Core 4 come with
> a program that I can scan and save photos as well as edit?

Yes it does, maybe too many.

  Does Fedora Core 4 come with utility programs like a disk defragmentor

You don't need that in Fedora (to put it very simply, it defrags itself)

, a spyware scanner

You don't need that in Fedora

, an anti virus program

While you don't really need that, Fedora doesn't come with one, you can get
one for free.

& firewall program

Yes it does.  To be more precise you get a tool to configure the firewall
that is 'embeded' in the OS

, a program that's similar to System Mechanic

 You won't be needing that

if Fedora Core 4 if I can't install System Mechanic, and a media player that
> plays audio and video clips as well as playing dvds?

There are tons of them. But you will have to do a little bit of
configuration to get those media players to play patented audio formats, but
that takes just a few minutes to do.

> Can this operating system configure my video card

It should auto detect your VGA, please post your brand and model for

, my sbc dsl ! internet service

Whast type of DSL and internet service do you have? Chances are that will be
the least of your problems.

, my speakers,

Speakers don't need configuration

my monitor

Normally yes

, my hp 2100c scanner

You may need some help with that if it doesn't happen automatically

, and my hp 3322 color inkjet printer?

Yes it  will have the drivers already , you won't have to install them

Please respond.  Thanks.

You're most welcome

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