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Hoffmann oasf2004 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 17:53:32 UTC 2005

Tony Nelson <tonynelson at georgeanelson.com> wrote: At 4:51 PM -0800 12/22/05, Hoffmann wrote:
>By the way, is there any (yum) repository that provides Biopython (Python
>tools for computational molecular biology)? Or all I can do is to download
>it from its original website?

Note that I don't use Biopython.  I don't know of a repo with biopython and

FWIW, googling on "biopython rpm" turns up FC3 RPMs at rpm.pbone.net.  I
don't know about their quality; that is, whether they have Biopython's
dependencies listed properly.

Also, since Biopython uses distutils, you could probably make your own RPM
from the source tarball by issuing the command "python setup.py bdist_rpm"
in the source directory that setup.py is in.  At least, I do that to make
RPMs for my own project.  That would be a way to at least get the
installation into the RPM database.

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Hi Tony,
 Thanks for reply.
 Well, I decided to install Biopython, as suggested by its web site, on my machine, and it is working properly.

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