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Fri Dec 23 19:12:09 UTC 2005

On 12/23/05, Nathan Low <nlow04 at> wrote:
> Can Cyberlink PowerDVD 4.0 that's a windows program be compatible with
> Fedora core 4 if I buy the Crossover Office Standard 5.0?
> Is Xandros Linux operating system more suitable to people who work with
> multimedia all the time?
> Please respond.  Thanks.
> Nathan


Basically, unless you have something exotic to do in Fedora/Linux , there
will not be a need to purchase any software.  I mean, if you have some money
to spare, you can always fund a linux project. Otherwise I'm guessing you
will find the software frely available will meet your needs. There are of
course exceptions.

While you may find some people here familiar with what Crossover Office
supports, your best bet is just asking for a advice on a similar Linux
applicaiton, or sending these type of questions to the Crossover Office

I know there is suppose to be a distro more multimedia oriented than Fedora
(I can't remember which) but in all fairness you can get Fedora to be as
multimedia oriented as your heart desires.

In terms of playback, a combination of mplayer and a suitable (easily
obtainable) plugin will/should meet any of your needs.

Good luck

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