How to password an SMTP server

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Fri Dec 23 21:53:32 UTC 2005

Am Fr, den 23.12.2005 schrieb Jon D. Slater um 22:46:

> I'm using my FC4 box as a mail server (and also running Mailman).

Doesn't tell us which MTA you run.

> It's starting to look like I may need to open up the SMTP server to 
> "outside access".
> Since I don't want to become a SPAM gateway, I'd like to restrict access 
> to just a few people.  But, there's a catch.
> Some of my "customers" uses a dial-up connection and aways appears from 
> a different IP address every time they connect.  So adding them to the 
> allow/deny list could be tricky.

Right. So gods invented SMTP AUTH for this case ;)

> How do I get the SMTP require a password?  And, is that secure enough to 
> keep spammer's from using my mail server?

Just be aware that with FC4 the location for the SSL certs changed to

> Jon

If you don't run Sendmail you will find other howtos for different MTAs
like Postfix or Exim in the net as well.


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