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Fri Dec 23 23:05:19 UTC 2005

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>Am Fr, den 23.12.2005 schrieb Daniel B. Thurman um 23:22:
>> I bascially have two email systems and would like to have a 
>specific office
>> email user on the office email server forwarded to or 
>redirected to the home
>> email server.  Both of these servers are publically accessable.
>> I have tried to use the aliases and the virtusertable, in 
>that order and I could
>Both are valid places. If you use the correct syntax ...
>> not prevent the email messsage sent to that specific user 
>from being deposited
>> in the office email server user's account and to redirect or 
>forward these messages
>> to the home email server.
>Please provide specific information: your setup and your maillogs.

Email message sent to office system: FC4

# vi /etc/aliases, added at bottom of file
dant:<tab>dant at

# newaliases     (this updates the database) and maillog shows it updated

#/usr/sbin/sendmail -v dant at
blah, blah
(shows that the sendmail connected to the office system and
 was depositied into the office system's user account so the
 message was not forwarded to the home system)

I restarted sendmail and sent another message - same result.

Then I tried the virtusertable...

# cd /etc/mail
# vi /etc/mail/virtusertable
dant<tab>dant at
# make
# /etc/init.d/sendmail restart

Sent email to dant at myOffice same way as before - same results,
that the message was depositied at the office server and not
forwarded or sent to the home system.

Anything else?

>> Dan

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