FC4 Inspiron 9300 etho trouble

Nick Stone blueoceanbliss at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 24 00:21:10 UTC 2005

(Extreme Newbie)
 Need help accessing Internet on Inspiron 9300 & newly installed FC4.
 Used another computer to download ethernet controller source files from Broadcom, but when I follow Readme instructions to use rpmbuild I get error messages:
 error: 'struct pci_dev has no member named 'slot_name'
 make [2]: *** [usr/src/redhat/BUILD/bcm4400-3.0.14/b44um.o] Error 1
 make [1]: *** [_module_/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/bcm4400-3.0.14] Error 2
 make [1]: Leaving directory '/usr/src/kernels/2.6.11-1.1369_FC4-i686'
 make: *** [default] Error 2
 error:  Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.86824 (%build)
 RPM build errors:
     Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.86824 (%build)
 Adding injury to injury, I can't reinstall Windows XP from recovery disk, so I have no means to access Internet using this expensive laptop!  
 In futile attempts to resolve the issues above, I've been reading posts for days, most of which are far too technical for me to grasp.   Please help!
 PS, I intended to download i386 iso and driver files, so I'm not sure why there is a reference in error messages to i686.

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