FC4 installation appears to disappear...?

Richard England rengland at europa.com
Sat Dec 24 06:02:54 UTC 2005

Toshiba Tecra 9000  W/ FC3.

I attempted an upgrade from FC3 to FC4 using a set of CDs that pass both 
the sha1sum and "Media Check". The installation (upgrade) seemed to run 
to completion (Graphical install was used), but when I rebooted, I came 
up in FC3.

If I try to perform the upgrade again, the only options I am given are 
to perform a complete fresh install or  "Upgrade and existing 
installation" [Fedora Core 4 (/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00) ]  and there is 
no indication of the older FC3 version. When I check "/boot", I do not 
see any indication of the new kernel.  grub.conf does not contain the 
new kernel configuration either. "/root/upgrade.log" has a new date/time 
so it is being modified. Checking it only shows that Firefox was updated 
but it has a whole boat load of packages that are marked "available 
...but NOT upgraded".  ??!

When I let it do the Upgrade it very quickly tells me it needs to 
install Firefox-1.0.4 and then prompts me for Disk 2. After I feed it 
Disk 2 it announces it is doing the boot loader step, then that it is 
successful.... but still no joy on reboot.

I've not encountered this one.   Can anyone shed some light on this 
and/or tell me if I can "force" the complete upgrade installation 
somehow?  I'd just as soon not install from scratch at this time, if I 
can avoid it.

If the reinstall becomes inevitable, what do I tell it to use for  "/" 
in Disk druid so I can have it reuse the existing partitioning?  At this 
time it is configured with LVM and I am a complete novice there.

Or should I bide my time and wait for FC5 to hit the streets?

Thanks for any enlightenment or guidance.

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