tftp server problem

John Francis john.francis at
Sat Dec 24 06:02:17 UTC 2005

On 24/12/05, Steven Ringwald <asric at> wrote:
> David L. Gehrt wrote:
> >
> >here are  two things here.  Tftpd  and ftpd daemons  listen on different
> >ports  and are different  things altogether.   More importantly  tftp is
> >really insecure  and should be avoided  if possible.  If  avoiding it is
> >not possible access  to the daemon should be  restricted to the smallest
> >and most trustworthy  set of client systems.  Offhand I  can think if no
> >real use for tftp.  A long time  ago we had to have a tftpd available to
> >allow Xterms to download their boot image it was worrisome.
> >

How about LTSP?

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John Francis

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