problem of packet loss with e100 machine with fedora core 4

Eric Doutreleau Eric.Doutreleau at
Sat Dec 24 13:58:03 UTC 2005

Mogens Kjaer wrote:

> Eric Doutreleau wrote:
> ...
>> The result is that i lose about 30% of packet.
>> when i boot windows on the same machine i have the same problem.
> ...
> Seems like a hardware problem, or duplex mismatch.
> What kind of switches/hubs do you have between
> the machines?
> Mogens
Hi people

At the end i have found the culprit
if i remove from my iptables config the following lines
-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -p igmp -d -j ACCEPT
I don't have anymore the loss of packets

But i really don't know why the system is dropping packet when i accept 
igmp packets

Nevertheless thanks to all people that have answered to my emails

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