[OT] GAIM 2.0b1 and gtkrc-2.0

Andre Costa acosta at ar.microlink.com.br
Sat Dec 24 14:52:50 UTC 2005


AFAICS this is not Fedora-related, but I could get no answer from gaim
forums, so I thought maybe someone here could help me...

I installed gaim 2.0b1, and among other things that have changed since
1.5 was the removal of key-bindings such as CTRL+ENTER and CTRL+# (for
smileys). FAQ instructs on how to configure GTK to emulate these, but I
am having problems here...

I could easily configue CTRL+ENTER to send a message with this on

    bind "<ctrl>Return" { "message_send" () }

however, this doesn't work

    bind "<ctrl>1" { "insert-at-cursor" (":)") }

('1' appears on the input field)

BUT these work:

    bind "<ctrl>2" { "insert-at-cursor" (":(") }
    bind "<ctrl>3" { "insert-at-cursor" (";)") }
    bind "<ctrl>4" { "insert-at-cursor" (":-D") }

Any clues about why CTRL+1 doesn't work? I am using fluxbox as window
manager, and I haven't bound CTRL+1 to any action.

TIA, and Merry Christmas to all =)


[*] I used http://gaim.sourceforge.net/gtkrc-2.0 and just tweaked some

Andre Oliveira da Costa

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