Laptop Thermal Problem

Rod Haper rhaper at
Sat Dec 24 15:21:15 UTC 2005

Peter Arremann wrote:
> On Friday 23 December 2005 23:28, Rod Haper wrote:
>>But what is different about FC4?  Why does my D810 work with Knoppix and
>>M$ XP but fail with FC4?  What am I missing?  If there is anyone that
>>has a D810 with the A04 BIOS and not having this thermal shutdown
>>problem with FC4, I'd sure like to hear about it and what if anything
>>you did to avoid this problem.
> The solution to your issues is probably in the i8kutil package. i8k is support 
> for many of the features dell puts into their inspiron and lattitude models. 
> Do a google search and you should find more than enough info about it. 
> I run the gkrellm plugin since that gives you a very nice overview over fan 
> speed and also allows you to easily change the levels that trigger fan speed 
> changes.
> Peter.

Thanks for the reply, Peter.  Though i8k does find the fan sensor and 
allow their control, that is not the nature of my problem.  Btw, the fan 
speeds that i8k reports look bogus but that's cosmetic.

Even with the fan (there is only one in my laptop) running full speed 
and the processor running at the lowest speed (800MHz) the system does a 
thermal shutdown at 40C-41C if the CPU is exercised.  I'm starting to 
think this may be an ACPI issue.

I'm going to play with Knoppix some more to see if I can figure out what 
it (Debian) is doing differently.

The Dell diagnostics report three thermistors and they all pass the 
diagnostic tests.

If anyone reading this has a D810 running FC4 and is not having problems 
with thermal shutdown, I's like to know what if anything is different in 
our configurations.


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