SPLIT a file based on String

Richard England rengland at europa.com
Sun Dec 25 22:07:54 UTC 2005

Nat Gross wrote:

>I need something like SPLIT, but instead of splitting based on bytes
>or lines, I want it to start a new file every time it encounters a
>"CREATE TABLE" string.
>I am a newbie with command line tools.
>Thank you all;
 csplit -k -f section testfile  '/CREATE TABLE/' {*}

This should help.   -f section   makes the split data show up in files 
called  'section01', 'section02', etc. -k keeps it from deleting output 
files created if an error occurs.  'testfile' is the input file,  
'/CREATE TABLE/' is the regular expression used to match and {*}  uses 
the previous reg. exp.  as many times as necessary.


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