mutt strangeness.

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sun Dec 25 23:16:18 UTC 2005

On 25Dec2005 15:56, akonstam at <akonstam at> wrote:
| I have been using mutt for years but recently it has done something I
| have never before. I hit delete and instead of deleting the current
| message it removes several messages. Needless to say this is annoying.
| It does not happen every time I delete a message but suddenly it will
| happen.
| Has this happened to anyone else. Since I keep the machine updated with
| yum so I thought it might be a recent mutt update.

Odd. Personally, I delete with 'd' in mutt.

I would suspect one of three things:

- possibly Delete is no longer sending what it used to (suspect your terminal
  emulator) or the code from Delete (usually DEL (127), but often BS
  (backspace, 8)).

- mutt may have changed its behaviour (unlikely)

- You may have a different mapping to that key in mutt (also unlikely)
  If you type '?' to mutt it should display the keyboard mapping;
  you can check that delete is bound to delete-message.

You might to better to join the mutt-users list here:

and ask there.

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