Tux web server

Nathan Grennan fedora-list at cygnusx-1.org
Mon Dec 26 09:44:23 UTC 2005

   Today I have been playing with gigabit networking. In the process I
have played with rsync+ssh, rsync, scp, http, etc. I decided I wanted to
try tux, the web server, and so I used yum -y install tux.x86_64 to
install it. It installed just fine, and I shut down httpd. I then tried
service tux start and received the error, TUX not implemented in this
kernel. I looked through the kernel changelog and see tux repeatedly
being enabled and disabled, but the last report shows it reenabled. I
did a grep through /boot/config* and go nothing for tux. locate comes up
with no tux kernel module. Did tux get silently disabled? I tried the
same on a i386 box to make sure it wasn't just a x86_64 issue. Tux, the
package, is in the core and not extras, so I would expect kernel support.

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