Removables devices in KDE 3.5

Marcelo Magno T Sales marcelo.sales at
Mon Dec 26 17:57:22 UTC 2005


After upgrading KDE to 3.5, I've been experiencing problems when using 
removable devices. When a CD or DVD is inserted or when a removable 
storage device is attached, a dialog appears asking what to do with 
the newly available media (nothing? play in kaffeine? open in 
konqueror? , etc.). I'm aware this is a new feature of KDE 3.5 (by 
the way, is this configurable?).
However, no matter what option I select in this dialog, I can't access 
the device in konqueror using the media:/ URL. The media appears 
there (or, if it's a CD/DVD, its label is shown), but I get an error 
message stating that the device is already mounted when I click it. 
The only way to access CDs, DVDs or removable storage devices in 
konqueror is by opening /media/device_name. Besides, I have to 
unmount removable storage devices using the command prompt, because 
the context menu of its icon at media:/ does not show the option to 
safely disconnect it. However, if I unplug the device, its icon 
disappears from media:/, as expected.

Any suggestions on what to do to get my removable devices correctly 
accessed in media:/ again?



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