need dmraid install help on fc4

Eric Wood eric at
Mon Dec 26 22:13:21 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-12-26 at 14:37 -0500, Eric Wood wrote:
> I'm trying to build dmraid but this 'diet' stuff is giving me
> indigestion.  I installed dietlibc-lib:

It turns out the dmraid is already on my system.. silly me.  I set up a
mirror RAID-1 on two SATA drives before I installed FC4.

Does this look like raid is working on my system? Because I didn't have
to do anything in Linux which I'm in awe:

# dmraid -s
*** Active Set
name   : via_bijeejffeh
size   : 156301487
stride : 0
type   : mirror
status : ok
subsets: 0
devs   : 2
spares : 0

# dmraid -r
/dev/sda: via, "via_bijeejffeh", mirror, ok, 156301487 sectors, data@ 0
/dev/sdb: via, "via_bijeejffeh", mirror, ok, 156301487 sectors, data@ 0

Now, is there a way I can simulate dead drives and rebuilds within Linux
or does I simply just do this in the BIOS?

-eric wood

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