DNS Problem on FC4

heithem abbes heithem.abbes at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 22:33:10 UTC 2005

Hi list

I am trying to install DNS server on my machine with Fedora Core 4

I have tried a very simple example but I didn't succeed.

Each time, I restart the named server, I got this error:

Can you help me.


[root at localhost ~]# service named restart

Arrét de named : [Echec]

Démarrage de named :

Error in named configuration:

zone utic.rnu.tn/IN: loading master file utic.rnu.tn.zone: file not found

_default/utic.rnu.tn/IN: file not found

[root at localhost ~]# cat /etc/named.conf

options {

directory "/var/named";


zone "utic.rnu.tn" {

type master;

file "utic.rnu.tn.zone";


[root at localhost ~]# cat /var/named/utic.rnu.tn.zone

$TTL 86400

@ IN SOA master.utic.rnu.tn. root.dns.utic.rnu.tn. (






utic.rnu.tn. IN NS ns0

utic.rnu.tn. IN NS ns1

ordi1 IN A

ordi2 IN A

ordi3 IN A

ns0 IN A

ns1 IN A

www IN CNAME ordi1

mailhost IN CNAME ordi1

ftp IN CNAME ordi2

irc IN CNAME ordi3

utic.rnu.tn. IN MX 10 ordi1

utic.rnu.tn. IN MX 20 ordi2

utic.rnu.tn. IN MX 30 ordi3
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