Install Fedora linux as dual boot without boot menu

Richard England rengland at
Mon Dec 26 22:45:03 UTC 2005

Sam Varshavchik wrote:

> Bob&Corinne writes:
>> I am about to install Fedora Linux for the first time. I am making a 
>> dual boot system with win98SE. I do not want a boot menu. Can I just 
>> boot from my recovery disk or have lilo make a boot floppy? 
> FC4 no longer includes LILO (don't recall if it was pulled in FC3 or 
> FC4).
> Theoretically you could omit installing grub, and boot off a rescue CD 
> and mount your partitions.  But that's less optimum -- you won't end 
> up booting a number of processes that normally run at startup - cron, 
> et al, which may result in strange, mysterious malfunctions from time 
> to time.
> Until you have more experience with these sort of things, you are 
> better off booting the system normally.
What was the intent of not having a boot menu? 

If it is just to make Win98SE be the default then that can be 
accomplished with out requiring the use of a recovery disk.  A small 
change in the grub.conf file is all it takes.


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