Install Fedora linux as dual boot without boot menu

Mostafa Z. Afgani mostafa.afgani at
Mon Dec 26 22:55:13 UTC 2005

Richard England wrote:

> What was the intent of not having a boot menu?
> If it is just to make Win98SE be the default then that can be 
> accomplished with out requiring the use of a recovery disk.  A small 
> change in the grub.conf file is all it takes.

Also, I think it's possible to have GRUB installed and "hide" the boot 
menu by setting "timeout=0" after you've set Win98 as the default 
target. With this setup, it should be possible to access the menu (if 
needed) by just pressing any key after the PC goes past the BIOS. I 
haven't really tried this kind of a setup but I think it should work.


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