issues with upgrading to firefox-1.5 on FC4?

jack craig jackc at
Tue Dec 27 16:55:18 UTC 2005

strange, thsi plain worked for me, i unzipped the tarball and executed 
the firefox script.
works like a champ!!

ymmv, jackc...

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>i'd like to try out some of the features of firefox-1.5, but trying to update
>to that version on my (fully-updated FC4) system out of the FC4 devel repo
>shows a sizable number of other packages that need to be updated (not
>that big of a surprise), and finally fails with a few missing dependencies
>(allegedly, xorg-x11-devel, XFree86-devel and others).
>is it safe to try to update to firefox-1.5 on an FC4 system and, if so, what's
>the proper incantation?  do i need any of the other repos enabled as well?
>i'd like to keep this as simple as possible.

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