OT: what speed to choose for DVD disks

Kenny Gow kgfedora at swbell.net
Tue Dec 27 22:24:51 UTC 2005

Paul Smith wrote:
> Dear All
> There are in the market several DVD+R disks, with different speeds.
> What should it be the criterion to choose the DVD disks? Of course,
> the fastest one should be the elected, but does not it pose a problem
> of compatibility with the players? For instance, with 8x disks, my
> computer DVD player gets very noisy (although working fine). Can it
> damage the player?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
Good info on spin rates in the DVD FAQ:

[4.2] What are the features and speeds of DVD drives?

Even though DVDs and CDs share the exact same physical size,
DVDs are much sturdier with the write surface in the center.
The above link suggests speeds have topped out at 16X.

Also, superb info here:

Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists


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