Re: Backing up data to span multiple CDs K3B 0.11.23 cd-record 1.2? Fedora 4 kernel 2.6.12 – reposted from September

John Summerfied debian at
Wed Dec 28 00:39:33 UTC 2005

Clive at Rational wrote:
> Hi,
>   Is it possible to use K3B to back up data that is
> over 700MB in size so that it spans multiple backup
> CDs? I remember zip used to be able to span backups
> across multiple floppy disks.

I don't know: I don't use K3B.

I do use mkzftree to make a compressed tree of files and then mkisofs to 
create an ISO image. Typically, that gets well over 700 Mb to a CD which 
is directly readable on Linux but not other systems (they need to 
manually decompress the files), but only postpones the problem.

DVDs are a good alternative to CDs: bigger and (according to the specs 
on the side of my box) four times as fast. They (and the media) are 
cheap, maybe for your volumes of data cheaper than CD, but again, they 
only postpone the problem.

DAR (see can create multivolume archives.
So can mondo, but the code's still pretty terrible and I have doubts 
about its safety if there are "bad" filenames around.

I quite like external USB2 drives: I can back up my whole 80 Gb drive in 
my laptop at 14 Mbyte/sec. Tarballs, ISO images or whatever of ones 
valuables on an external laptop drive has to be pretty convenient, or 
you can go for the largest ATA drive you can find and put that in an 



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