Shorewall for web server?

John Summerfied debian at
Wed Dec 28 01:42:04 UTC 2005

Timothy Murphy wrote:

> Sorry, I mis-wrote yet again.
> What I meant to say was: Is it safer to run a web-server (httpd)
> on another computer, rather than on the machine running the firewall?

It is safer, if properly-configured, but not necessarily worth while. 
Doubtless someone will try to break in, but probably they won't try very 
hard: if all they want is a bot for cracking other systems, sending 
email and otherwise being a pest, then they probably won't spend a lot 
of time and effort. OTOH if you're harbouring secrets of or from the 
{IRA,CIA,Mafia,FBI,Triad}, then you'd want to go to some trouble because 
those who want your secrets will.



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